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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Finnegan Jack Gallagher-Thompson arrived at 9:41am on Monday June 12th 2006, weighing 8lb 14oz. Kudos to 1st person who gives his weight in grams. Pictures to follow once Dad has had enough sleep and found the lead to connect camera to computer. Mum recovering well, Finny hungry and beautiful.


Blogger Ms Caven said...

OK there are 16oz in 1lb so 8lb = 128oz (8 x 16 = 128). Plus the additional 14oz, means that Finnegan's total birth weight is 142oz (128 + 14).

I'm going to use a typical approximation of 1oz = 25g.

142 x 25 = 3550g (or 3.55kg)

& I've shown all my workings!

Congratulations to you all. Looking forward to the photos.

Ms Caven

3:37 pm  
Anonymous Mr Allan said...


Still disappointed you've not called it
Paul Gary John Rio Ashley David Steven Frank Joe Peter Michael Wayne Thompson!

12:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations sir!!! Hes so cute!!! Leah Cole 7MD

9:10 am  
Anonymous Lesley & peter said...

At last Pete is great at something! I have been a great Aunt for 19 years as I am an early developer. Too senile to do sums but still recognise a gorgeous bouncing baby. Well done!! Lesley and Peter

12:00 pm  

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